My VIP Cards v2.0

My VIP Cards

Using MyVIPCards is one of the easiest ways to equip all your loyalty cards, drive licence, library card, healthy insurance cards, medical care cards, business cards or any other important paper cards that you may have, and store them in one location with only one click to show them up instantly.

Main features include:
1) Easily add card including name, comment and phone number
2) Quickly full text search through all cards by name, comment or phone number in one go
3) Instantly preview card detail
4) Instantly make phone call from the card
5) Instantly email card to your partner or friend, especially when they forget theirs
6) Easily delete card that you don’t need
8) Easily add existing card photo from album or taking a new photo
9) Safely storage in your phone, nothing with be exposed and synchronised to public or internet

Navigation Tips:
1) Press and Hold on a card in main screen, to quickly preview your card detail
2) Swipe right or left in card detail view, to easily navigate the previous or next card
3) Swipe up or down in card detail view, to instantly return to main screen

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Some Screenshots:







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