Instahist v2.2

Instahist is a fun educational encyclopedia that lets you learn and enjoy historical and memorable events of the world’s history.

From wars, revolution and famous people in history, Instahist covers it all. Read and learn about major past events that happened today, Instahist gives you a good reference for your knowledge and study.

Main features include:

  1. User friendly navigation interface like reading a book
  2. Historical events cover 5 continents and over 100,000 entries for every days including famous birthdays and deaths
  3. Integration with built-in map helps you to explore the world of history through different angles
  4. OFFLINE knowledge base support, NO internet access is required, reach every drop of historical knowledge instantly just at your finger tip
  5. NO registration is required, start your world history journey in no time
  6. Full text search supported, anyone, anywhere, anytime in the history is just around the corner, never been so easy with fun before
  7. Share history with your friends, and be the first one of your friends to discover history of the day
  8. Add to calendar function to keep you always the first one to know what you want to know for history


  1. Swipe UP or DOWN on Day to change day
  2. Swipe UP or DOWN on Month to change month
  3. TAP on the map to open map view
  4. Swipe from RIGHT to LEFT to back to previous page

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Here are some screenshots for your reference:








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  1. lifedba Says:

    Thanks to post any comments here, and we will try our best to improve it.

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