Oracle Database Patching Blocked Stopped by AIX Library File Locking Error

Recently I encountered a case of Oracle database 11g patching blocked by AIX locked file. 

Here is the story.


An issue with regards to files being locked or opatch being unable to copy files even though the databases, listeners and any other Oracle processes associated with the ORACLE_HOME to be patched were stopped:

Patching component oracle.ldap.rsf.ic,…

Copying file to “/ora01/app/oracle/product/11107xxxxxx/lib/”

Copy failed from ‘/ora01/app/oracle/product/11107XXXXXX/OPatch/12419384/files/l

ib/’ to ‘/ora01/app/oracle/product/11107XXXXXX/lib/’…

Please verify all applications associated with the Oracle Home ‘/ora01/app/oracl

e/product/11107XXXXXX’ are shut down.


OPATCH unable to copy library file



1)      Tried many other ways to fix this issue and roll back/re-apply patch, but all failed unless using the method below.

2)      Checked the AIX system cache and this file did appear in memory even though there is no related process, however, Oracle (or AIX) did not release the cache from the OS:


3)      Realized that this server is IBM 64-bit POWER 6, which matches the symptoms in Oracle Note ID 739963.1.

4)      We manually renamed this file in the target path, and copied it from target path.

5)      Input ‘Y’ to instruct OPATCH to continue the rest of the process

6)      All the rest steps completed successfully.


1)      According to Oracle’s note, this error applies to IBM AIX 64 bit POWER systems.

2)      Another way to overcome this error suggested by Oracle is using slibclean to clean the OS system cache, which requires root permission that usually DBA’s do not have.


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One Response to “Oracle Database Patching Blocked Stopped by AIX Library File Locking Error”

  1. Mike Says:

    Thank you, this fix my opatch issue!!!

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